Friday, August 7, 2009

Camping Fun!

We decided to take the family camping last weekend. So, we packed everyone and everything up in the Expedition, got a later start than we wanted to, drove 4 hours to right outside of Forks, WA, and discovered that not only all 3 campgrounds in that area were completely booked up, but that all hotel rooms in the nearest big city were also booked up!! Talk about a let-down! We ended up in Sequim, in a kinda cheap-o motel, in a room that was fairly clean- but with a door that wouldn't close all of the way. If we locked it with the deadbolt from the inside it would close, but we didn't dare leave the room with all of our stuff in it.
Anyhow, the next day we found a great campsite at Mora, and had a fabulous time! Here are some highlights and lowlights:

Highlights: wonderful view, quiet and peaceful, community bathroom- with flushing toilets, nice people, plenty of hiking trails, cheap fun!

Lowlights: Chris fed a squirrel- and he wouldn't leave us alone after that. In fact, he ended up stealing all, I repeat, all of our nuts. Let me back up, Chris was leaving little treats for him (a no, no, and I told him so) and he thought it was so cute. I said, "He will just keep coming back- I don't think you should do that, and it might mean that we get fined if the Ranger comes around." I was just a "nervous nelly". So, it was a picky squirrel, with only half an ear on one side, and a shorter tail than the rest of the squirrels we saw, apparently because it had been in a few scuffles. He wouldn't take the almonds Chris left, but really liked the walnuts and pecans. So, Chris went with the older boys to the store to get a few things, but he left some of the bags of food out by the picnic table. I was in the tent with Chase trying to get him to take a nap- and after a little while I heard A LOT of chattering and squawking. I went out as soon as I heard the boys come back, and low and behold, the squirrel had gotten into the bag of nuts, stolen all of the walnuts and pecans, and was in the middle of a battle between him and several crows. Now, I must tell you that the bag of nuts was a gallon-sized plastic bag, and I really don't know how many trips that squirrel took from our site to his home, but he should have enough nuts to last him 3 winters.
Here are some pics!

A note about this one: Xavier packed his own pants- but they were too big and kept falling down because he didn't have a belt. Chris was so proud of this ingenious idea- the stick belt. Xavier wore it for the rest of the day- and didn't complain one bit.

Our friendly neighborhood squirrel!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family visits!

The first week in July we had Chris' brother Ryan, his wife Amela (cool chica), their baby Jaiden, and Chris' beautiful sister Alyssa in town. We did quite a bit, so I may have to warn you that there are a lot of pictures to scroll through. Enjoy!Our family at Mt. RainierSiblings- Ryan, Alyssa and Chris at Mt. RainierMe and AlyssaAwesome waterfall at Mt. Rainier Chris and Chase getting a little wet- it was a hot day, so what a perfect spot!!Someone else put the flag up to take a picture- so I stole the idea- Happy 4th!
Chris- flexing, Gavin smiling!!Chris and Alyssa at Spanaway LakeJaiden- cool dude just chillin'Ryan, Amela and Jaiden
Alyssa and Amela at Spanaway Lake
Mason at Spanaway Lake

Spanaway Lake- Xavier and Chase

Long time, no blog...

There has been so much going on, that I don't know where to begin with this post. First, I will show some pictures of our recent visit with my Mom and Dad, or as Chase was calling them, Grandpa and Grandma Peg. We went to the Mariner's game, and rode the Sounder for the first time. It was Firefighter Appreciation Day, so we all got hats as part of the special ticket thing. They won, which makes it even better when you spend so much money!!! Enjoy!
Me and Chaser
Ken Griffey Jr., as he hit the ball- great pic by Chris

Chris and Chase
My Mom and Dad all decked out with Mariners hats!!
Gavin and Mason having fun!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy National Prayer Day!

Well, today was National Prayer Day. How did I celebrate? Well, besides my normal prayers for health, happiness, and peace, I prayed for the car repair to not cost us an arm and a leg. I hate paying for auto repair.
Turns out, my prayers were answered- not too much money- but still not great news. Ah well, such is life. Too bad my other prayer for a huge amount of money was not answered today. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I was handed everything in life, right? God is great- and He answers the prayers that we need Him to answer. Hope you all prayed for something good!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chaser baser

OK, last post for the day. I am leaving you all with some pictures of Chase being Chase. What would a fun day outside be without Chase pouting or being upset about something? I love my Chaser Baser, but he can sure try my patience!!!!

Finally, a sunny day!!!

Last week, for 3 days only, the Puget Sound area was visited by none other than: Mr. Golden Sun!!! Oh man, it's been forever since that guy showed his face! Of course, we had to wash the trucks, ride bikes, and play on scooters. It was a beautiful day, and I am so looking forward to the summertime. Until then, here are some pictures of the kids soaking up all that Vitamin D!

Chris' new sport

The boys and I were able to watch some really great athletes the other day: The Redmond Great Balls of Fire. The fire department Chris works for was asked to create a team for a dodgeball tournament at a local high school. The money raised benefits education in Uganda (I think). Last year the fire department team won, so greatness was expected this year as well. The guys did a great job, but ended up taking 2nd place. A few of the guys dressed up, but Chris opted out of the wig and short floral shorts (tragic, I know). Enjoy: