Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessings and Happiness!

First of all- Happy Thanksgiving to all family and friends out there! I have so many things to be thankful for, but here are a few that I am especially thankful for right now. (Note: these things may change from moment to moment, but they're happiness now)
1. Cookie dough
2. Mimi's blog- little Mia's heart to be specific:
3. Chase's cute voice- especially the way he says Xavier (Zayer)
4. Chris' video game addiction- while I don't appreciate the finer points of Call of Duty 4 or 5, I can appreciate the extra time he gets to spent vegging out and playing with friends
5. Gavin's laugh- the really belly-deep laugh that he gets when he thinks something is absolutely hilarious. It used to be the really old Bugs Bunny cartoons that would do this- love it!
6. Xavier's cute face- isn't he just the cutest little boo?
7. Mason's "I'm too cool" attitude. While it's not going to be cute in the future- specifically in the junior-high years, right now the way he tells a little girl who has a crush on him "S'up", and nonchalantly walks on- how cool can an 8-year old get? (Note: I did tell him that he should have at least talked to her a little- there's a difference between rudeness and coolness)
8. I love how God has blessed me with such a wonderful family. I truly love the moments that I get to spend with them- whether they make me nuts or not- I wouldn't want any other family.

Hope you all have a fabulous Turkey Day- I plan to eat a lot, but then go to the gym sometime this weekend, perhaps twice.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Running Update #2

Ok- so I have made some progress toward my running goal. I jogged the track at the Y today for 12 whole laps without stopping!!! That is 2 miles baby! I don't pretend to think I am amazing yet- some people I've talked to about running casually mention the fact that they "warmed up" with a 3 mile run. WHAT?
Anyway, 2 miles is great for me, and to tell you the truth.....I actually didn't loathe every minute of it this time. I just strapped on my i-pod (onto which I had downloaded some running songs which were suggested on runnersworld), and I went for it. I may get to my goal early- but who knows.

Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wrestling @ the Y

Here is the first pics of wrestling this year. The Korum Y had a small jamboree tournament this past weekend, and the kids all received medals. Our kids did really well, and we hope the next tournament (this Saturday) will go just as well. Enjoy, and look forward to many more of these!

Halloween '08

The kiddos had fun this year with Halloween. We only took a few photos, which is weird, but I am hoping they use similar (or same) costumes next year, as it was a little pricey, so we can take more next year. They all got a huge amount of candy just from our little neighborhood, and Spiderman was a huge hit. Mainly because he kept saying quite excitedly, "Come on guys! It's fun! Wets go! It's Ha'ween".

Once they were trick and treated out, they came back to strict instructions of 2 pieces of candy each. Chris and I were getting dishes done, laundry, and cleaning up the decorations, and were pretty sure that Spiderman, aka Chase was not following the 2 piece rule. As we walked into the family room, where the candy was spread out Chris was saying, "Are you boys only having 2 pieces each?" At that very moment, we heard the screen door open quite quickly, and caught the tail end of Chase throwing a sucker out the front door. He closed the door confidently, then turned around to see us standing there. The look on his face was a mixture of guilt and innocence, kinda like, "What? I didn't just throw that candy out there so you wouldn't see that I had taken my third or fourth piece." I busted up laughing, and Chris tried to play the strict role, but chuckled in between phrases such as, "What did you..? Why are you looking...? Are you trying to...?" But Spiderman wasn't really punished for this action- the sucker wasn't edible after that anyway, so he kinda took care of the natural punishment himself- we would have just taken it away.

Ah- Chase, the one and only!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

You know this has happened to you:

You are walking along, minding your own business. You might be admiring the scenery, thinking about your day, or perhaps dancing along a street. You may even be fussing with a cell phone, purse or diaper bag, your attention on anywhere but your feet- when out of the blue.... you crash into a wall that just appeared out of nowhere. The world becomes a sea of spinning, slow motion rainbows as gravity does what it will do. As you plunge toward the ground- you think, frantically, "Don't fall, catch yourself!" Your arms may flail, your eyes bulge, and you may utter a slight scream or some profane words. As you come to your senses once the ground has caught you, you know what your first thought is- no, not "Am I injured?", but "Who just saw this pathetic fall?"

I would venture a guess that everyone reading this has had a "falling" experience. Here is one of my most recent ones:

I was right on time for my ballet class at the Y. I had my purse (weighing 15 pounds), my dance bag (unknown weight, but seriously heavy), and my clipboard. The dance room was dark, and I was noticing that there were several yoga mats and blocks scattered all over the floor, which irritated me, since that meant I had to pick them up before my class, and that some kids had been playing unsupervised in the dance room.... and then, my flip-flop slipped on some unseen overturned spray bottle spillage, and......I crashed onto the floor, flat on my back. I immediately looked toward the window of the dance room, thinking, "Could that have been any lamer- the dance teacher, supposed to be graceful, slipping and falling in the dance room? Did anyone see me?"

Well, fortunately for me, I landed where no one saw me- and Salina graciously helped me mop up the floor before the class- and assured me that I wasn't seen. (Thanks girl!). Anyway-just thought I'd share a slightly embarrassing experience, hoping that you'd share too- don't be shy, leave a comment about a "falling" of yours!