Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chaser baser

OK, last post for the day. I am leaving you all with some pictures of Chase being Chase. What would a fun day outside be without Chase pouting or being upset about something? I love my Chaser Baser, but he can sure try my patience!!!!

Finally, a sunny day!!!

Last week, for 3 days only, the Puget Sound area was visited by none other than: Mr. Golden Sun!!! Oh man, it's been forever since that guy showed his face! Of course, we had to wash the trucks, ride bikes, and play on scooters. It was a beautiful day, and I am so looking forward to the summertime. Until then, here are some pictures of the kids soaking up all that Vitamin D!

Chris' new sport

The boys and I were able to watch some really great athletes the other day: The Redmond Great Balls of Fire. The fire department Chris works for was asked to create a team for a dodgeball tournament at a local high school. The money raised benefits education in Uganda (I think). Last year the fire department team won, so greatness was expected this year as well. The guys did a great job, but ended up taking 2nd place. A few of the guys dressed up, but Chris opted out of the wig and short floral shorts (tragic, I know). Enjoy:

Xavier the wrestling stud!

Xavier has had a pretty tough year in wrestling. There are many kids in his division who are older than him, but it doesn't stop him from trying. He has won about as many matches as he has lost, and continues to impress everyone who watches him. Here are some pictures of him:

More pics from Phoenix

So what would a trip to Phoenix be without some fun with Grandma and Grandpa? Paul and Stephanie and their kids Dakota and Hunter were able to spend time with us too. Grandma thought mini golf would be fun- and it was, for most of us. However, several children (primarily the 3 year olds) had melt-downs about mid-way through. These pictures were taken before they even started golfing, which was probably a great thing, since they are all happy here!! Oh yeah- ice cream afterward sure cheered those youngsters up :)

More trip stuff

The reason for our trip was primarily Ryan and Amela's wedding. We had an awesome time: The wedding was amazing- I just don't have really any pictures from it. I have a video, but that's it, and for some reason, I can't upload the video. Let's just say, there was dancing, great food, and great entertainment. Prior to the wedding, the kids got to spend time with their little cousin Jaiden. Here are some pictures of the kiddos in the tub. Splashing was so much fun!!!!

Catching up...

All right, all right. I am a bad blogger! I realize my laziness has left you all in the dark about our activities (since everyone is just dying to catch up on us, JK). Anyway, I will start with a few pictures from our trip to Phoenix. Here we are at the Childrens' museum- the kids especially liked the store and kitchen, as well as the cool foam hanging things that they could run through!