Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family visits!

The first week in July we had Chris' brother Ryan, his wife Amela (cool chica), their baby Jaiden, and Chris' beautiful sister Alyssa in town. We did quite a bit, so I may have to warn you that there are a lot of pictures to scroll through. Enjoy!Our family at Mt. RainierSiblings- Ryan, Alyssa and Chris at Mt. RainierMe and AlyssaAwesome waterfall at Mt. Rainier Chris and Chase getting a little wet- it was a hot day, so what a perfect spot!!Someone else put the flag up to take a picture- so I stole the idea- Happy 4th!
Chris- flexing, Gavin smiling!!Chris and Alyssa at Spanaway LakeJaiden- cool dude just chillin'Ryan, Amela and Jaiden
Alyssa and Amela at Spanaway Lake
Mason at Spanaway Lake

Spanaway Lake- Xavier and Chase

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NaeLee said...

Hi there! I hope you don't think this is too weird! I was able to find your blog while hopping from a few others. My daughter danced in last years (2008) recital and we were just watching the video (again!). One of your classes did a dance and I love the song. I have tried to search the lyrics and cannot find it. The girls were in blue and the song says something like "If I close my eyes, then I realize- Clouds can take me away". Can you tell me who sings that song? Thank you so much!